Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wrapping it Up

Though our trip is not over yet, we're certainly approaching the end of our big adventure. Our original plan involved traveling for a couple more months, starting in the southwest, and then chasing summer north into the mountains.

While a few of the stops planned for this portion of the trip are still on our itinerary, we've decided to shorten our stay in this part of the country. For many of you, this might come as a shock -- arguably this part of the country is peppered with sights and terrain that beg to be explored in an open-ended fashion. But in the end Zach and I feel now is not the right time.

We're worn out. Living on the road takes its toll after a while. We miss the normal routine of everyday life -- having our own space, seeing friends, cooking meals that don't involve more than one canned good, and being productive through work and/or school. Ultimately, we feel like neither of us would be able to enjoy these places like we want to in our current state of mind. Instead of feeling excited and anxious for our next stop, we both struggle with feeling like we should feel those things. This wasn't an easy decision, but in the end we think it's the right one.

So what's next?

Well, we're visiting Portland for one last PNW fix then we'll head back to Houston via a Idaho, Utah, Colorado route. We'll still stop in a few places along the way, but ultimately plan on being back home within a month.

Keep checking for new posts -- we'll still be blogging up until we end the trip (and who knows, maybe even after), and love to hear from all of you keeping tabs on us. To "The West," worry not. We'll be back, well-rested and in a better state to enjoy you soon enough!


  1. it'll be good to have you guys "home" in Texas :)

  2. Good plan, kids. Plus I like the PNW detour a great deal... I'm happy for you and for all of your friends in Houston, too, who get you much earlier than planned. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision but it sounds like the right one. Love!