Sunday, April 18, 2010

Side Story to Make You Happy

This is a true story. If you are having a bad day and like puppies this should cheer you up. If you don't like puppies then shame on you.

Emma and I were cruising down Bert T Coombs Mountain Parkway in the middle of nowhere Kentucky when I saw a dog loping down the side of the highway. Being that it was a lightly trafficked highway (but a highway nonetheless) I decided to pull over and try to grab her. Emma could use a sibling, right? I chased her up and down the shoulder of the highway until some other people pulled over to try and help. They ended up scaring her into the middle of the road where she got by a car going about 50 miles an hour.

I picked her up to move her out of the road and realized she was still alive. The other people that pulled over offered to take her to an emergency vet. As I loaded her into their car, she started to come around more. We traded phone numbers and they promised to keep me updated as to what happened. I talked to them the next day and discovered that they took the dog to the vet and that she was not only alive, but had no broken bones and no internal bleeding. They were planning on keeping the dog once it got released from the veterinarian's.

So there you go: dog finds new home, people get new dog, Emma gets to remain a spoiled only child- happy endings for everyone! Now cheer up.

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