Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ann Arbor, the bus, and Indy

While Zach was denying himself all the pleasures of modern convenience, I was enjoying a little R&R with friends in Ann Arbor. While the highlight of my visit was certainly seeing old friends, I also found time to stop and take in all the wonders that AA had to offer, including:

  1. Powwow: Fry bread, drum circles, chanting, southern cloth -- so good.
  2. Dominick's Sangria: Nothing says springtime in Ann Arbor like Mad Dog 20/20
  3. Cafe Felix Martinis: Dirty, dirty, dirty -- and yes, I'd like extra blue cheese stuffed olives
  4. Good-Night Gracie's: Ann Arbor, are you really not smoke-free yet?? Okay. I'll drink away my shock.
  5. Pizza House Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake: I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to replicate you since graduation. You were worth all the dairy issues I experienced for the following 24 hours.
  6. Advil (see 2-5)
  7. IRB: I am still the only chick in your weight room.
  8. Rehearsal: Sotto Voce. Do you know what it means? I do.
  9. Zingermann's Raspberry Brownie: Magical.
Thanks to Kat and Lloyd for hosting me...I miss you two already!

Monday I started my greatest solo adventure yet -- taking the Greyhound bus for an 8 hour, two transfer ride to Indianapolis to meet back up with Zach at my cousin's place. I was pretty stoked about my 8 hour ride after reading about "the buses" on the Greyhound site. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered the Ann Arbor to Detroit to Dayton to Indianapolis route was not one of those chosen for this improved bus-riding experience. Instead of my own outlet, wi-fi, leg-room, AND a seat belt, I enjoyed 8 hours and two transfers of musty, stuffy, shoulder-to-shoulder fun with 80 of my new best friends. On the upside, several of new best friends were fresh out of rehab camp (this made for good eavesdropping) and my seat mate had the sweetest rat-tail I had ever seen. Go Greyhound!

I arrived, stinky, but safely in Indianapolis where Zach, stinkier, fetched me from the bus station and then drove me to see my cousin, Heather.

Heather and I are only 9 months apart, so we spent the better part of our youth together. Heather and her husband, Justin, and their sweet puppy, Maya, live in a very lovely, soon-to-be-vacated bungalow in midtown. From their place we were able to explore their community via a great shared path that runs through the city. Emma and Maya had a blast on our day out to the brewpub -- both pups were totally exhausted after our afternoon excursion, which worked out well for the non-canines. We got to continue enjoying the beautiful weather over dinner outside. Heather and Justin were also nice enough to show us their very lovely, soon-to-be-occupied new home complete with a fantastic view of the wooded flood plain.

Zach also took a shower. Yay!

Unfortunately, we kinda sucked at taking pictures during this portion of our trip. Bummer.

Fortunately, we took more in Chicago, Madison, and Montana, and if we get our acts together, we'll have posts on that portion of our trip soon for you!


  1. Are you guys just chillin' at the computer writting blogs all day now?

    Much love and can't wait to see you!

  2. So that's why you were on a bus! I didn't even think to ask while we were texting and then it dawned on me a day later, "Why are they on a bus?" Now I know it wasn't they, after all. Glad the rat tail made it into the blog. Ew.