Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photos from the Southeast

Since you last joined us we've made the long journey from Pensacola to St. Augustine, up through Jacksonville to Savannah and on into Charleston. St Augustine was wonderful. Nothing brightens the spirits like a visit with a good friend. Savannah was gorgeous. I highly recommend walking the streets of downtown. And Charleston.... Well, we haven't explored Charleston yet, but we hear good things. We'll let you know.

Rather than run you through an elaborate summary of the last week, here are some pictures that can tell the story just fine:
This was one of the only pictures we took in Mississippi. It's the "friendship tree" at a Southern Mississippi campus. I made Paige get out and take a picture with me under it. She only obliged me after I promised not to make her go to one of the many casinos along the gulf if she got out and took the picture.

Paige, Leola and Lincoln on Leola's parents' back deck. They have a beautiful place in St. Augustine with a creek and wild animals in their backyard. Her parents were nice enough to share her and Lincoln with us while we were visiting.

After we left St. Augustine, we camped on Amelia Island, just north of Jacksonville. It was serene to camp on the beach and listen to the ocean while we fell asleep.

Paige enjoyed camping on the beach until she went to bed and realized that there is sand on the beach. Note the look of sheer delight on her face.

Savannah was beautiful. Spanish moss covered all the trees and gave everything an enchanted look. The historic part of the city is about one square mile and has almost 30 public spaces with fountains, statues and other art- not to mention countless homes built over 150 years ago.

This is how Savannah does Catholicism. Really quite breathtaking.

We went for a walk on the trails at Skidaway State Park where we camped near Savannah and found some swamps

By the way, I got bored and tried to shave my head at the campsite with my beard trimmer. It didn't work out so well. I've since found a real hair trimmer and finished the job off. I got a haircut in Dallas around Christmas that hasn't grown out so beautifully. Instead of finding another "stylist," I decided to take matters into my own hand.

That about wraps it up for now. We're headed off to Atlanta before too long and then into the Appalachian mountains. We'll probably be back near the coast around Raleigh in two weeks. Perhaps in Washington DC the following week and then New York a week or two after that. Things are going well and we look forward to seeing our friends up and down the east coast.


  1. So glad the weather has begun to cooperate with you two. Love all the pictures!

  2. Emma has gotten much better at taking pictures of you two.

  3. Love the pics of Savannah! Wish I could have met you guys there!