Monday, March 29, 2010

Paige & Zach: The Syndicated Version

Our friend Christy told me not long ago that I had started laughing like Zach. This is somewhat disturbing since Zach's laugh is very distinct and is often the source of rampant fun-poking. Zach's laugh is high-pitched and involves a lot of 'hissing' sounds resulting from his spastic intake of air mid-laugh. Though I don't necessarily *think* my laugh sounds like this, her comment made me a little paranoid.

Christy also told me that my handwriting is turning into Zach's writing -- she produced the thank you card I sent her after our wedding -- which I wrote -- and a separate card -- which Zach wrote because he didn't realize I had already sent one. It was pretty compelling. Sigh.

I fear our trip has caused us to meld even more. Since approximately 99% of our experiences are shared we've become...well...predictable. We tell the same stories, over and over again (this is aided by the fact that folks tend to ask us similar questions about the trip). In any given conversation I usually know exactly what Zach is going to say before he says it. In any given conversation Zach usually knows what I am going to say before I say it. I think this is pretty typical for couples -- especially the longer they are together.

This hasn't been a problem until just recently. See normally as a couple you interact with the same people on a regular see your good friends a couple times a week, your coworkers daily. This means you're in the habit of keeping your material fresh. You wouldn't tell your hypothetical friend, Bob, on Monday about Zach's strange devotion to Meryl Streep or about my inability to entertain myself at a campsite for more than 48 hours, only to turn around and tell him the same tid-bits on Wednesday.

Because Bob knows. He knows that I want to see Clash of the Titans because my sister and I used to watch the original all the time when we were growing up. He knows that Zach makes me listen to books on tape even though I don't like them and that he thinks I am horrible at picking them out. Bob knows how we listened to the "This American Life" on Penn State and that we're still disgusted about what that guy said about cleaning his yard after a big football weekend. He knows I'm sick of PB&J and addicted to coffee. He knows I wish Zach would drink it too, so we could bond in the morning, and that I kinda resent that he drinks Dr. Pepper in the afternoon instead. Bob knows all of this.


When you don't see the same people all the time, you scrap that whole "keep it fresh" thing because no one's heard your material least not the people you're hanging out with right now. You can just recycle your material over and over again. You become the syndicated version of yourself. You're the same show on a different network every time you hit a new city. All this happens subconsciously, of course. You don't even notice it.

Until someone points it out to you.


Sorry Anna and Dan -- you're the first people we've spent more than 48 hours with in a long time. We promise we'll have some new episodes of the Zach and Paige show next time we see you. In the meantime, thank you for being patient with the reruns. ;)

In other news, we've made it to Vermont and New Hampshire since leaving NYC yesterday. Turns out, Vermont is amazingly beautiful. Today we enjoyed all that Vermont is famous for -- ice cream, cheese, and syrup.

Apparently it's Spring Break this week, which means a lot of other people had the same ideas we did -- visit Ben&Jerry's for the ice cream tour, visit Cabot Creamery for the cheese tour, and visit a sugar house (where they make maple syrup). Everything was tasty. Instructions on how to make cheese coming soon.

We're headed to Acadia as soon as the east coast storm passes, and we're definitely pumped.

We'll post pictures soon of these adventures as well as give you the gory details of our awesome meal at Nobu 57. I'm going to let Zach do that post since he took notes on his phone as we were eating (yea, he's a huge dork, but the food was so good it was warranted).

A big, big, big thank you to Andrea, Anna and Dan, and Meena for hosting us while we were in the city. We couldn't do this trip the way we want without folks like you...

Much love.


  1. all true. you two are getting LAME. solution: one of you returns to PDX for one month. the other of you stays on the road. absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that sh*t. the one who decides to come here, well, we watch it's always sunny every day and go to eastburn all night. one month later, BAM, you're all original together again.

    i like my solution and look forward to the text message informing me which of you will be returning.


  2. Thanks for visiting Cabot! The trip sounds great (I love Acadia!). And oddly, my husband & I hear that we're pretty much melded these days too. It happens!


  3. I don't know how you do it???? I could never ride in a car with Dad for weeks on end. First and foremost of all, we would be dead as Dad is the worst driver ever! As for seeing you in syndication, would love it! Would love seeing you in any form! Have a wonderful time, loves.

  4. Do you have another friend named Christy? I don't remember any of these things happening...although, I can see how your laugh could be like Zach's. Ha.

    I'm afraid if I know how cheese is made, it will lose it's mystery. That's what keeps me coming back...the mystery of it all.

    OMG. Nobu 57. Best. Meal. I. Have. EVER. Had. EVER. Meena and her co-workers are likely the most magnificent creatures ever to walk the face of the earth. I wish I had even thought to take notes. OMG. [drool] So jealous.

  5. Apparently Christy and I are thinking the same thing and telling the same stories too, haha. But yeah, thanks Meena!