Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick Post from Vegas

I'll update later about our time in Death Valley, but I just wanted to make a quick note. We just got into Vegas and are staying with Paige's friend from high school, Mark Moore. I just want to say, its AMAZING! Holy frijoles, I love being back in a bachelor pad.

Recap of his tour of the place:
"We're moving, you can't mess anything up"
"put anything anywhere you want"
"this is the shower. It works how every other shower you've ever used works."

While he was running an errand, I unloaded a few things into the fridge. Here's a quick inventory of items in the kitchen:
  1. BB Gun (why won't paige let me have one of these?)
  2. Box of hamburger helper. I miss the helper. Again, Paige, why can't we buy this?
  3. A book called "getting it on"
  4. 4 varieties of pepper/steak seasoning
  5. Log cabin syrup (I buy this, but Paige would prefer if I didn't)
  6. 3 jars of peanut butter
  7. An amazing looking store bought apple pie
  8. A framed picture of the Backstreet Boys. Ironic? Hilarious.
Oh lordy, I miss living with men.


  1. Be the man, Zach! Buy yourself a BB gun and some Hamburger Helper.....she'll get over it.

  2. As they say better to ask forgiveness than permission!

  3. My quotes have been taken out of context. But since I don't have a wife to answer to; I'll allow it.